I’m Carly and I am the textile designer and weaver behind Lucky Kiwi Club. A Textile Arts, Design and Marketing graduate, I am also a lifelong maker and creative type. Colour is at the core of everything I do and when paired with the structure and process of fine weaving, I’m in my happy place. Bright and contrasting colours recharge my spirit and I feel physically drawn to them both in nature and human made products.

My designs are unapologetically bright, known for their fine craftsmanship and dynamic use of colour. I use only natural fibres (silk, linen and merino wool, as well as blends of each) and dye my own yarns to my colour specifications. I draw my inspiration from anything and everything colourful and challenge myself to translate that intensity into wearable, high quality items. Candy, rainbows, flowers, parrotfish, fall leaves, 90s neon, highlighters, holograms, tropical birds, sequins, glitter. If it’s intensely sparkly or colourful it has likely inspired my work!

My handwoven scarves and shawls do not strive for machine made perfection. You will find the hand of the maker in each piece I weave. This will in no way impair the quality of your piece, indeed I believe it creates a connection between artisan and wearer, a reminder of the value of a skillfully handwoven treasure.