Product Care

Scarves don’t need to be washed as often as you wash your regular clothes. But when the time comes to refresh or spot clean I recommend hand washing my scarves in lukewarm water, using a neutral/gentle soap.

Be especially gentle when washing any of my scarves that have merino wool content as agitation could cause the wool to shrink and warp the scarf. This process cannot be reversed! This is especially true if the water is too warm.

You may see a small amount of colour in the water as you wash, which is normal. I rinse my yarn and wash my scarves several times before I ship them to their new homes but some colours (especially fluorescent pink) will continue to shed some dye particles when washed.

Squeeze out as much water as you can by hand and then hang or lie flat to dry.

Optional: Iron or press with a steam setting to finish. The silk and linen content in my scarves are especially responsive to steam and it will give the scarf a lovely sheen. Be mindful to keep the iron moving as you work to avoid scorching the fibres.

Take extra care around abrasive surfaces such as zipper teeth, Velcro, or rough surfaces. If a thread is pulled it is usually possible to gently work it back in place by pulling the scarf flat, in line with the pulled thread. If necessary, you can use your fingers or a blunt tapestry needle to coax it into correct alignment.

Part of the reason I prefer natural fibres is that they wear and show their age beautifully. My scarves are delicate but not fragile. I encourage you to use them in your everyday and enjoy how they soften and evolve with use.